Written by Carly Croft

Do you feel as though you’re drowning in a sea of single-use plastic bags? Ever wonder what you could be doing to reuse them other than carrying things in them or using them for your trash can? If so, this DIY is for you. Plastic shopping bags can be recycled into yarn very easily, and this yarn can be used for any number of projects, including tote bags, floor mats, and baskets. Knitting and crocheting with the “plarn” that you can make is easy for beginners and requires very few supplies. In this tutorial, I will be providing information on how to make easy knitted coasters with plastic yarn that will be perfect for summertime and any outdoor or indoor activities involving a cold drink or reusable water bottle. The knitting pattern provided will be suitable for those who have never tried knitting before or are beginners, since none of the techniques used are difficult to find simplified tutorials for online.



  • Plastic grocery bags (at least 2 per coaster)

  • Scissors

  • Size US 15 (10.00mm) plastic knitting needles

    • Plastic needles are most suited for this craft since you will also be knitting plastic, and these needles do not have any sharp edges that could rip your yarn

    • Check your local thrift store to see if you can find any secondhand needles as an eco-friendly and cheap alternative to buying new ones, often many thrift stores have an assortment of fiber arts craft supplies.


Once your yarn is made, proceed as follows to knit a coaster:

  1. CO (cast on) 10 stitches using your preferred method.

  2. Knit those 10 stitches.

  3. Repeat knitting each row until the coaster is as long as it is wide.

  4. Bind off your work when you have reached your desired length. Weave in ends.

  5. Your coaster is complete!! Enjoy!