Campus Arboretum

The Mission of the Campus Arboretum at Washington & Jefferson College is to preserve, manage, and enhance a vital and diverse living collection of woody plants; to provide a landscape aesthetic; to promote the conservation of trees and shrubs; and to educate the College and surrounding communities through horticultural display, curriculum, scientific research, and outreach.


The Campus Arboretum database has listed 1,128 trees from 103 species. These include unique trees like the giant sequoia, dawn redwood, ginkgo, ponderosa pine, and white fir.

Students are involved in our Arbor Day Event!

Tree species that we have thus far planted:

  • limber pine (Pinus flexilis, 2012),

  • flowering dogwood (Cornus florida, 2013)

  • Himalayan white birch (Betula utilis, 2014)

  • ginkgo (Ginkgo biloba, 2015)

  • white fir (Abies concolor, 2016)

  • quaking aspen (Populus tremuloides, 2017)

  • ponderosa pine (Pinus ponderosa, 2018)

  • white fir (Abies concolor, 2019).

Students help maintain these Arbor Day trees throughout the year. Also, every two years, we remeasure and reassess trees on campus to calculate average annual biomass increment and carbon sequestration.

Since 2012, we have been recognized as a Tree Campus USA from the Arbor Day Foundation.

Also, in 2015, Dr. Kilgore applied for and received Level I Accreditation for the Campus Arboretum through ArbNet (Morton Arboretum, Chicago, IL).

Want to Learn More?

Contact: Dr. Jason Kilgore, Curator, Biology Department