Environmental Magellan Projects

A unique feature of W&J College, the Magellan Project is a project of possibilities. When you pursue a Magellan Project, you choose to take the lead in your educational experience. W&J College provides funding so that you can set sail in the summer months, exploring a passion, an interest, an internship, a study abroad opportunity, a research trip, or all of the above. You’re out of the classroom, learning the ropes of whatever you’ve set your sights on. It could be right around the corner or right around the world.

2019 Environmental Magellan Projects

Smart Cities

Kelsea Siter

For my Magellan, I have traveled to Dubai and Abu Dhabi to study their 2 SMART cities and tactics they are using to fight climate change. Both these cities are great examples of areas where they are taking initiatives to help the environment, and are truly seeing the positive impacts. My experiences in the United Arab Emirates allowed me to study the innovative farming techniques they have implemented for sustainable food production and the many day-to-day technologies they use in their cities to reduce their energy use and carbon footprint.

Exploring National Parks Across the US

Zoey Zentkovich

Last summer I took a road trip across the United States passing through 23 states to visit 21 National Parks. The goal of my trip was to study the importance of conservation and capture how beautiful nature is with photography. I was able to visit some of the most amazing places nature has to offer and recognize the need for their conservation.

Recycling & More in Europe

Sydney Papinchak

I had the privilege of traveling to Iceland, England, France, Prague, Czech Republic & Croatia over the summer of 2019. While I was in each country I studied how they implemented recycling, composting, and reusable energy into their day to day lives. It was amazing to learn about how each country has been taking steps to reduce their carbon footprint and make recycling more readily available throughout each city. It was truly a once in a lifetime experience and I am so grateful! 

Environmental Policy in Australia

Ashley Kunkle

I have travelled to three cities in Australia — Melbourne, Sydney, and Cairns — to talk to many different climate scientists, nonprofit organizations, and the general public to get an idea of the impact that climate change is making on citizens in Australia. It was an incredible experience and I’ve learned and grown so much from it.



Utah's Natural Manmade Art

Abbie Ciasullo

Thanks to a Magellan I spent last summer hiking around beautiful Utah and exploring how environment influences art. After researching how nature is reflected in Utah artists’ work through composition or subject, I explored how I could represent the power and variety of landscapes I witnessed in my own art. The earth offers a huge resource for creativity and the environment plays a huge role in artwork, which is one of the many reasons we should protect it.

Nordic Sustainability

Erin Herock

This past summer I traveled to Sweden, Finland, Norway, Denmark, and Iceland to study their built environments. Along the way I was able to go on some of the best hikes of my life and meet incredible people through seminars in disciplines from urban design to conservation of biodiversity. This trip has inspired me in so many ways, and I am itching to go back to learn more!

Wildlife Conservation: Australia, Thailand, South Africa

Julia Plasynski

In each of these locations, I explored different topics related to wildlife conservation. In Australia, I spoke with sea turtle and coral reef biologists, visited different animal sanctuaries, and spoke with locals about their own environmental ideologies. This paved the foundation for my next two Magellans, in Thailand and South Africa. In Thailand, I volunteered at an ethical elephant sanctuary where the elephants are rescued from the horrific scene of elephant riding. In South Africa, I volunteered at a lion and cheetah sanctuary with animals who were rescued from the illegal pet trade and owners who bred these cats for their cubs. In both instances, these animals were rescued to live the rest of their life out in large areas with proper care. To learn more about the importance of sanctuaries, zoos, and wildlife conservation in general, read the blog post titled “Wildlife Conservation: Zoos and Sanctuaries” 

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