Written by Nickolas Bartel |

The world  yells  in  another  uproar   

Another  environmental  tragedy  has occurred  once more.  

As it has  swallowed  one more  toxic pill,   

we learn of  yet  another  oil spill.  

While  the people ask for aid to repair the lives that the oil tore,  

their  politician’s  re-election  day  is  not  for 5  years  more.   

Thus, nothing  shall come  but thoughts and prayers from Capitol Hill.  

Their  inaction  caused from  their donors,  not from  their  lack of  power nor  will.  

Nevertheless, the oil continues to pour.  

Covering waterfowl who seek refuge on the shore.   

This could all be solved with a congressional relief  bill.  

Yet the local environment is as clean as an overflowing  landfill.   

Where is the hope for making sure our world does not become an  eyesore?  

As clearly,  we are unable to protect the environment at our front door.   

A mountain  they  say, we have made of this  environmental  anthill.   

Tell that to the families  of the people  they kill.