Written by Chibuike Ugwu |

Johnny is a special boy,

He can talk to animals, which brings him joy,

Johnny went to south china to see Mr. Tiger, 

But he was sad to see his Ambush was getting lighter.

Johnny decided to go to Kenya to greet Mrs. Rhino,

But he noticed the number in her crash was getting low, 

Then he went to Sumatra to complain to Mr. Elephant,

But the state of his herd gave no reason to be jubilant.

Before leaving Sumatra, he stopped by Mrs. Orangutan, 

Only to see that her congress also desperately needed a plan.

All this made johnny sad, 

The friends of his friends were dying, which was bad.

His sister called it overfishing,

His brother called it poaching,

His mum called it deforestation, 

His dad called it pollution,  

Little johnny says, “No! it’s extinction.”